Monday, October 31, 2005

"this may be the last beautiful day"

here's a lovely, wistful song by Sally Seltmann project New Buffalo:
i've got you

Saturday, October 22, 2005

the lord god bird

"let your work be rooted in love and stay small"
Murphy Davis (from a talk she gave years ago)

there is little about the new Sufjan Stevens project (Illinoise) that would initially evoke the word "small", and certainly the response to the cd has been very big

but that pithy statement by Murphy Davis suggests the aesthetic of humility that has characterized much of Mr. Stevens work to this point

the lord god bird is a very sweet song that came from an npr proposal

if you're a Sufjan nut you might want to check out this forum

Thursday, October 20, 2005

where there is smoke

three singers that i've been listening to alot recently...

Imogen Heap

hide and seek is a wonderful a capella (well if you don't count the heavy effects on the voice) piece from her soon to be released solo album. (mp3 courtesy of
a nice interview at aurgasm has a few mp3s including let go which Heap sang as singer for Frou Frou.


there is less of Sia's music hanging out on the internet, but perhaps you've heard her song
breathe me
as this post at stereogum notes the song played significantly on
six feet under

Lali Puna

of the three Lali Puna's singer Valerie Trebeljahr is probably the most esoteric, dark and distant
a tellingly odd video
you can find mp3s at
epitonic and insound
(thanks to swens blog)